Saturday, 12 October 2013

Singer Assignment

Earlier this year I was asked to make a "story" (display) for Singer Sewing Machines to be used as a display at trade shows and fairs.  A story is a collection of items that are related either by fabric, colour, appearance or subject.  One rule.  Items must be made using a Singer Sewing Machine.

My theme:
I used Singer's brand colour - Red (for impact) and my fabric choice was Dupion Silk.  I prefer the rough texture of dupion as opposed to flat silk. Silk doesn't fade and the colours are always rich and vibrant.

I used Simplicity 2478 for the Evening Jacket.  On the Lapels I embroidered a red rose from the Singer Future Lace Embroidery Collection.

To compliment the jacket I made a fascinator using Clover's "Sweetheart Rose Maker" (Art no. 8472) using the same red dupion silk.  Added to this I added a comb, printed mesh and silver thread.

To complete the "First Story" I made a clutch bag using a range of dupion silk colours and braid.  This clutch is my own design with a covered button and machine embroidered flowers completing it.

My second "Story" is a range of masks all made from dupion silk and using various machine embroidery lace designs.

To give the masks shape, I used black wool batting soaked in Powertex Product, moulded onto mask moulds and left to dry for several days.

To secure the mask backs to fronts I used small pieces of Velcro.

 The third story is made up of the Evening Jacket, Fascinator and Red Mask

 Hopefully I will get pictures of these pieces on display at the next craft fair.

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