Sunday, 24 March 2013

Current projects

This is mask sample two - I'm still experimenting using lace to make masks.  In this sample and the one in my previous post, I have used Powertex to harden my mask into shape.  This mask is made of  pink silk (shown) and unfortunately I'm not happy with the mask's final out come.  Powertex - although is transparent did change the silk's colour and appearance.  I have another plan so watch this space.
My dinning room which has been recently renovated and we built a window seat.  This room is a "quilt free zone".  So instead of having a quilt available to cuddle under while sitting here, I have knitted a blanket with a patchwork appearance.  Each block is knitted and I have crotchet them together.  Yarn used is Patons Jet - 10 ply.   Just a bit of fun.  Now to search for my next knitting project.

Happy creating

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