Sunday, 10 June 2012

Quilting Friendships

I played golf with my husband this afternoon.  I'm pretty useless at it but its an activity we can do together.  I can't see him quilting (though he has been seen on the odd occasion fixing something for his golf bag on my sewing machine) - so I have crossed the line to play golf.  While waiting for my turn I was thinking about my quilting friends and the bond we have.  I know - pretty heavy & didn't help my golf.
There are twelve  of us called the Kwilting Katz and we meet every Thursday night.  The latest member joined us end of 2011. The group was a lot smaller when we began 15 years ago.  Four of the of us would meet at my house once a week and I would teach them the basics of quilting.  The group grew from there, meeting during the day and as our children grew, we returned to work thus meeting up in the evenings.  Its fantastic to see the amazing quilts that are being produced and the different directions each quilter has gone.  Husbands have been conditioned - Thursday night is "girls quilting".  Dinner never is flash as we all hurry out the door taking turns at having the group meet in each other's homes.  Armed with a glass of wine & our stitching we converse for a glorious three - four hours.  Very therapeutic.

I highly recommend being part of a group.  If your not, join your local quilting club, participate in their events and retreats.

I portrayed the Kwilting Katz on my sewing machine cover for fun.


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