Sunday, 1 April 2012

Japanese Meshwork Samples

Ipad cover update.  Pattern currently under production and will be for sale during my classes via the Quilt shops..

I've had a very productive Sunday afternoon for the 1st of April.
I have made a couple of samples for my Meshwork classes.

   Front of ipad cover                                                                                       back of ipad cover

The needle cover is made from the left over meshwork piece used in the making of the ipad cover. I've used felt inside for the needles.


  1. I love these IPad covers. I'm going to need your blog spot and your advice on colors:) I just started blogging and would love you to join me at

  2. I've been shopping around online for iPad covers and screen protectors because I destroyed my last one when I left it laying around with out any kind of case or protector on it. I like how you can personalize many of these covers, but I'm not sure how good they are at protecting the iPad it'self. I feel like I need one that is bullet proof considering how accident prone I tend to be!


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