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Weaving Kiwi Style Needs List - Sympoisum 2017

Weaving Kiwi Style Needs List
Tutor: Shirley Mooney
Weaving fabric creates the illusion of a miniature quilt and gives wow factor to any bag, purse, quilt or other gift item you make.

In this one day class you will prepare strips and weave them into two designs you have chosen from my class sampler.  

In the South Pacific region we are surrounded by beautiful cultural weaves.  You will be shown how to draw up and weave your own designs.  

This is Optional: You can bring along a picture of a weave design you would like to create and work through the design process in the afternoon session instead of making a second weave from the class sampler.


Background fabric       The background fabric is used to stabilise your fused strips and also acts as the back of each block.  Any cotton fabric will work but choose a fabric that will enhance your weaving fabric (as sashing strips).  Please cut two pieces 8.5” by 8.5” for this class.

Fabric for strips           Choose a selection of 3 - 5 fabrics .2 metre full width cuts from the bolt (if you can).  Fat quarters require more strip making and create waste.  I have found that batiks or “ugly” fabrics are excellent as they also add visual texture to your piece.  Make sure your colours are strong and contrasting i.e. black, white, red etc.  If you are not sure look at them through the lens of the camera on your mobile phone.   If using batiks, please wash them first.

Rotary cutter, cutting board and ruler

Clover bias tool size 9mm (is purple in colour)
Small pin board (notice board) that will fit your background fabric onto plus 8 pin board pins (flat). 

Clover Bodkin
Clover Appliqué pins (used to hold down your strips).
Clover Bodkin – grabs and holds the fabric while you weave it.
Small scissors that can cut fabric.
Chalk marker or pen that can be seen on your background fabric.
Clover products are finer and easier to work with than other imitations


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