Monday, 19 December 2016

Stacking Bowtie Symposium 2017 Class Needs List

Stacking Bow Ties Class Needs List
Tutor Shirley Mooney


I have used the traditional origami bow tie block but have inserted the bow tie centre (3d) into each corner rather than every second row.  It’s very tactile to touch and technically fiddly. To learn this technique we will be making a panel using 3" squares.  Your final piece/panel can be made into a cushion, bag or wall hanging - whatever you like. 
Needs List:
·         You will need two groups of fabric.  Background and foreground (3d).  The background is your base.  You can use one fabric (i.e. pink cushion above) or various fabrics in the same colour way (i.e. green cushion above).   Please pre-cut 36 x 3" squares.

·         The foreground is your accent.  It should complement your background fabric but stand out / pop (i.e. light vs. dark or a strong contrast).  Please pre-cut 25 x 3" squares.

·         1 x 20"square piece of batting.  Initially this will be your design board for laying out and pinning your design.  Once your panel has been sewn it is then quilted onto this piece of batting.  Why not use your leftover batting from other projects, sew them together to make up this piece. 

·         Pins - you will need plenty.  Dress making pins work well as they are sturdy.  Long thin quilting pins for normal piecing will bend.

·         Quick unpick.  We use this to assist us in linking our rows together by removing stay stitches (usually 1 or 2 per block).  Don't forget it - it’s a requirement.

·         A camera, iPad or mobile phone for taking photographs of different layouts.

·         Machine thread for piecing and for quilting which should match or blend with your fabrics.

·         Scissors or snips for cutting thread.

·         Cutting board, rotary cutter and ruler.

·         Sewing machine with 1/4" foot.

·         Walking foot (for sewing the panel onto batting).  This may or may not happen in class depending on time.  Quilting gloves (if you use them)

·         Foot control and power cord for your machine

A lot of time may be used in laying out, so to save valuable time please come with your fabric pre-cut.  Pre-wind your bobbin and please make sure you have a new size 80/12 needle in your machine. 

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