Monday, 19 December 2016

Spinning Strpes Needs List Symposium 2017

Spinning Stripes Class needs list

Tutor Shirley Mooney

In this two day class we cut your fabric, then lay out the whole quilt before we sew. The cutting and layout will take most of day one.  The quantity of fabric you buy is up to you and your budget.   Your triangle size block will depend on your stripe width repeat e.g. the finer the stripe, the smaller your triangle size.   When looking for your stripe fabric for this class – try find something that has a variant in colour and stripe/shape/width. BUT make sure you love it.  Click onto this link to view other fabric selections from a previous class.

Class Requirements:

·         Striped fabric 1.5 to 3 metres continuous length of fabric. No fat quarters please.

·         Large bed sheet (flannel preferable) to lay out your triangles.

·         Pins to pin your triangles into groups and place onto your sheet (dressmaking pins are great for this).

·         Rotary cutter (with new blade please) and cutting board (No small boards).

·         Full length ruler (optional as we will be cutting our strips without a ruler – freeform)

·         60degree Triangle ruler (please make sure it has all three points)

·         Sewing machine with 1/4" foot attached.

·         Foot control and power cord for your machine.

·         Matching sewing thread with bobbin wound ready to go

·         New size 80/12 sewing machine needle

·         Quilting pins, quick unpick and scissors

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