Tuesday, 20 December 2016

NZ Quilt Symposium 2017 - My Update

Thanks to the wonderful Symposium team, the information regarding my classes has now been corrected and will soon show on the Symposium website. 
My Quilt As You Go class does not appear in the catalogue and my weaving class was listed as a two day class. 

Needs lists for my Symposium classes can be accessed via link found on the front page of this blog (right hand side). Click onto the class name.   Each needs list contains a brief summary with additional photos.

Within this blog you can search (top right) by class names.  Students work from my previous classes will be displayed.  This may help when selecting your fabrics or wanting to find out more about my classes.

So here is the correct information for my classes.

Spinning Stripes (2 day class) 6 & 7 October (examples below)

Stacking Bow Ties (1 day) 8 October

Weaving Kiwi Style (1 day) 9 October

QAYG Quilt As You Go (1 day) 10 October

See you at Symposium

Happy stitching

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