Friday, 2 October 2015

Christmas Tree Skirt - A Christine Hartigan Design

Christmas Tree Skirt

Designed by Christine Hartigan

Christine designed this traditional tree skirt with a crazy patchwork swag several years ago and she has given me permission to teach this class.  I have remade it using one fabric in the swag and added “gifts” under the tree.

This Christmas Tree skirt is designed to go around the bottom of the Christmas tree to cover the pot or tree stand.  It is made up of 6 segments with a machine applique tree on the top wedge and a swag at the bottom which can be either made from one fabric or made using a variety of fabrics creating a crazy patchwork look. 
Students will receive templates as part of the class costs.


Needs List:
Your segments can be made from a variety of fabrics with similar shading or just one fabric.  6 fat quarters for variety of backgrounds (similar tones) or 2 x 70cm of two different toned fabrics, or 1.5 metres for single coloured background.  Left over fabric will be used in the inner binding.

One fabric - 1 metre (left over fabric will be used in the swag binding) or

Crazy patchwork – selection of similar coloured toned fabrics (Great fun trying out different decorative stitches on your sewing machine).
Applique Trees
Each tree is made of two green fabrics.  They can be patterned & plain or light & dark.
6 trees – two different greens – 2x 40cm, or 6 trees – four different greens – 4x 20cm.

Fusible webbing comes in several widths.  If narrow (62cm) buy 1.2 metres. If wide (approx. 1 metre) buy ½ metre.  These are approximate measurements as different brands come in different widths. 

1.2 metre Vilene light to medium weight.  Add additional Vilene if making crazy patchwork swag.

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