Thursday, 20 December 2012

Felting - Christmas gifts cont.

Ive finally finished my felted Santa Claus gift for my friend (as per previous post).  He didnt require to much bling.  I've just added buttons, martini glass and a dove plus stippled the background.

Above is the Janome embellishing machine which is the only model available now via retail stores in NZ as all other brands are no longer imported (so I've been told).  Five needles with burrs are forced down into your fabric punching your fibres through with ease.  Its very easy to use and not painful to your hands :).  With the Janome FM725 if you break a needle you need to replace the whole needle unit.  Now that can be expensive.  If you are considering buying this machine I suggest you buy the  needle unit (pictured above) as well.  This unit allows you to replace needles individualy and in the long run is cost effective.
FYI - these machines very seldom come up for sale on trademe - when you own one of these you don't usually let them go.
Check out for further information on price and specs.

I've just unpicked and remade my button Christmas Angel (see post 25/11/12) as I felt she was to fat. 

Merry Christmas.  God bless.

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